DENTCA 3D Printed Dentures


DENTCA 3D Printed Dentures

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DENTCA is the 1st company to have FDA registered 3D printable material for gum AND teeth!

By making our dentures fully CAD/CAM we are giving our customer truer to impression quality restorations that further reduce distortion and increase retention. The DENTCA 3D printable denture base and teeth are made of several acrylates which have been previously applied to the dental field and glued before post-curing utilizing the same material used for printing thus improving material performance through chemical bonding. The CAD design of the teeth on a by block set allow for easy and accurate tooth mounting on the denture base, reducing the risk of tooth misalignment and tooth cut necessary when making the final restoration.

To help further streamline the process and make denture making even simpler and faster, digital back up files allow for easy recovery, duplication and remake of lost/old denture prosthesis.

Physical properties and biocompatibilities have passed the FDA requirements and are similar to conventional denture bases and acrylic teeth. The 3D denture material is a type of acrylic similar to PMMA which has the same properties as conventional acrylic with the convenience of curing through UV light instead of temperature. 

DENTCA provides digital denture design, laboratory digital scanners, 3D printers, 3D printable try-in & 3D printable tooth and base materials at an affordable cost. Tooth shades on final materials are available in A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1 & B2 VITA equivalent. Final denture base available in Original Pink, Light Pink, Reddish Pink & Dark Pink shades. Dentca's 3D printable materials are compatible with Dentca Zenith Printers, Asiga Printers and Sprintray (Moonray) Printers. Dentca also offers a printer specific 3D Printable material for Carbon Printers. Please visit the order page for more information.

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